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Peloton Announces New Bike+, a Cheaper Tread, and Bootcamp Classes

When it comes to home fitness equipment, Peloton is the OG. The brand didn’t just make it possible to train from home, they provided a portfolio of high-end equipment that looks premium, performs exceptionally well, and keeps customers coming back for more. Now, with a sizable boom in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a 40 percent rise in All Access Members taking strength workouts, Peloton is leveling-up their offerings.

“When we launched Peloton, we knew we were onto something special,” John Foley, Peloton’s CEO and co-founder said in a press release. “Now, eight years later, we have a passionate global community of 2.6 million Members, and we feel like we’re just getting started, in terms of how we can impact the health and well-being of people worldwide through our platform, content and products. Our goal is to be the go-to at-home fitness solution for as many people as possible, and with these new product launches, we’ll be able to offer access to Peloton’s best-in-class fitness content at various price points, depending on what consumers are looking for, especially in a world where people are increasingly working out at home.”

Here’s what you can look forward to—and take advantage of—in the coming weeks.

1. Peloton Bike+

Bike+ elevates the Peloton experience by making strength, yoga, stretching, and meditation classes more intuitive to the user experience. To transition seamlessly from your in-the-saddle cardio routine to floor-based exercises, Bike+ sports a 23.8” HD touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees for total visibility. There’s a high-fidelity sound system that comprises four speakers for a more immersive experience. A new Gymkit feature lets you pair your Apple Watch with just a tap. And lastly, an optional auto-follow system, in which Bike+ automatically adjusts your resistance depending on your target metrics, so you can put all your energy and attention on moving up the leaderboard or beating your own PR. Bike+ will be available starting on Sept. 9 for $2,495.

2. Lower Price Points on Peloton Tread and Bike

If you’re not interested in all the new bells and whistles of the Bike+, the original Peloton Bike has a lower price tag of $1,895 and can be financed for $50/month starting Sept. 9. Note: If you currently own the Peloton Bike and live in the U.S., you’re eligible to trade it in and receive a $700 credit toward Bike+, as well as the Yoga & Toning accessories package and free removal of your current Peloton Bike. The trade-in program is also available Sept. 9 (learn more here).

And while there’s a new (more affordable!) Peloton Tread coming in early 2021, those looking for instant gratification can nab the current Tread+ model for $4,295. Both have the control knob and speed jump buttons—godsends for interval workouts.

3. Bike Bootcamp

To make the Bike and Bike+ more multidimensional, Peloton is launching Bike Bootcamp classes on Sept. 15. Instructors Jess Sims, Cody Rigsby, and Robin Arzón will put members through hybrid classes that include cardio on the bike and strength training on the floor.

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